BUNN BrewWISE Dual Soft Heat Brewer w/ S/S Funnel

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The Bunn SH Soft Heat dual brewer gives you complete control over portion size and quality. Patented Soft Heat technology automatically shuts off the heater once it reaches your desired temperature. It can be set from 175 to 190 degrees Fahrenheit. This server heat control system helps to prevent over-brewing or scalding, and lets you provide a more consistent product. As a component in the Bunn BrewWISE wireless total brewing system, the Bunn SH DBC Soft Heat dual brewer is ideal for food service operations with limited space. Batch information is communicated between your grinder and brewer through a chip in the portable Smart Funnel. Because you’re only moving the small, lightweight funnel from one unit to the other, you can keep your grinder and your brewer in separate areas, cutting down on wasted serving space. The Bunn BrewWISE SH DBC Soft Heat dual brewer can accommodate two 1.5, 1.75, or 2 gallon Bunn SH servers. It also features a hot water faucet mounted to the top of the brewer, and a bright, easy to use digital display! Just press a button to brew in three programmed batch sizes. You can even pre-program specific recipes for different roasts using the included Recipe Writer software. The black Bunn SH DBC dual brewer has a 240V, 29.1 amp, 6800 watt electrical rating and requires hard wiring; it does not come with a cord and plug. It is UL and NSF Listed Features include: Brews 18.9 gallons (71.5 litres) of perfect coffee per hour. Brews 1⁄2, 1, or 11⁄2 gallon (1.9, 3.8 or 5.7 litre) batches. Stores individual coffee and flavor profiles using adjustable water volume, bypass percentage, pulse brew, and pre-infusion timing. Operate any combination of BrewWISE equipment error-free with wireless brewer-grinder interface via Smart Funnel. Reduce accidents with safety features that decrease hot splashes from funnel, eliminate brewing
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14kt White Gold Nativity Bracelet

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14K White Gold. Nativity Gold Bracelet. Celebrate your belief and proudly wear this Nativity Gold Bracelet crafted in pure 14K White Gold. Thirteen essential and meaningful symbols of the Nativity hang along the 7.5 inches long, series of white gold chains. Symbolical yet fashonable, this wonderful bracelet weighs 47.74 grams. Also available in 14K Yellow Gold. Gold White 14K Approx Wgt 47.74 gms. Length 7.5 Inches Finish Satin Availability In stock Shipping Usually in 24 to 72 hours Note Select Yellow to order in Yellow Gold Free Standard Shipping!. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!. 30-Day Return Policy. SKU TLR16890
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1987 Honda CBR 600 F Hurricane Battery Box

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1987 Honda CBR 600 F Hurricane Battery Box

Variously made of plastic or metal (depending on the bike), the Battery Box is the mount that secures the battery in the motorcycle. The Condition of this part is Used.

A used Battery Box will be intact and functional to secure the battery. Due to the caustic nature of the battery, damage to the paint and finish is considered normal wear.

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1994 Honda VF 750 C Magna Tachometer

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1994 Honda VF 750 C Magna Tachometer

The Tachometer displays the speed of the engine in revolutions per minute (RPM). The Tachometer can be driven either by a cable or electronic sending unit, depending on the bike. The Condition of this part is Used.

A used Tachometer will be fully functional and in good condition. Gauge face will be clean and undamaged, all mounting points will be intact.

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2006 Suzuki VS 1400 GLP Intruder – S83 Front Rider Seat

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2006 Suzuki VS 1400 GLP Intruder – S83 Front Rider Seat

The Front or Rider Seat on bikes equipped with seperate Rider and Passenger Seats. The Condition of this part is Used.

A used seat will be clean and in good condition. The seat pan will be intact and undamaged. Older metal seat pans may show surface rust, but will be structurally sound. The foam padding will be in good condition. Seat covers will not be ripped or torn, although they may have minor nicks or cuts where the cover wraps around the pan, generally not visible when mounted.

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Refinance Your House – Avoid Prepayment Penalties and Other Potential Fees

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Refinancing your home can save you money on interest charges while
tapping into your home’s equity. However, you can see your savings
evaporate through prepayment penalties and other fees if you don’t negotiate
favorable terms before signing a contract. While every new mortgage will
require some loan processing fees, they should be no more than 6% of
your loan. With many lenders, you can get the costs closer to 3%.Request Refinancing Fees When Requesting QuotesWhen you ask for a “good faith” estimate on refinancing rates, also ask
to see information on loan fees. This should include both closing costs
and potential future fees.An APR includes both the loan’s interest rate and closing costs. This
is helpful when making initial comparisons of lenders. But hidden fees,
such as prepayment penalties, can cost you thousands in the future.
Before you sign any paperwork, understand what fees are part of the loan.Only Pay Mortgage Lender for Services RenderedWith unscrupulous lenders, you may be asked to pay for services not
rendered. Your closing costs should be itemized in your loan’s contract.
If you have any questions about an item, or when the service was
rendered, ask the lender.You should also be wary of writing a check out to a specific person.
All funds should be sent to the financial company.The most common loan fees are for such services as lawyers, inspection,
title search, and notaries. You can also pay points to lower your
interest rate, which may benefit you in certain financial situations.Anticipate Future Prepayment Penalties and other FeesWhile closing costs are the easiest fees to look for, future fees can
also affect your checkbook. For refinance or subprime mortgages, early
payment penalties are common. In some cases, this fee is waived after a
couple of years. You may also have the option to remove it from the
contract by paying a point at closing.Also look at fees for future conversion of your loan. For instance,
adjustable rate mortgages can be rolled over to a fixed rate for a fee. If
you are planning any future changes with your mortgage, be sure the
terms of your loan contract put you in the best position.